Monday, September 7, 2009

I found this piece in a book I had titled Graphic Design the New Basics. This piece was chosen to be used in the book to demonstrate how lines and patterns are used to create texture and emphasis. The texture in this piece is created by the use of mark making over the surface which creates a pattern which in turn creates a sense of texture. The texture created in this piece helps to emphasis the main objective of the image. The tense and chaotic feeling that is produced from the mark making emphasises the feeling of anxiety. And although the first letter of the word anxiety is absent, the feeling that is conveyed helps one to conclude the intended word and meaning.
The designer was very successful in the way that they used texture to help to explain the piece and not confuse or distract the viewer. The texture helps support the main image and further the visual concept. I think this piece is visually interesting because although there is only one type of mark making utilized in the design, it has a more complex feeling. The type and the image play off each other and both visually display a strong emotion. The intended emotion I feel is very successfully conveyed.

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