Thursday, September 24, 2009


I found this piece on a graphic design website called It was part of a blog page on the website that was for daily inspirations. Individuals post designs on this blog that give them some sort of graphic design inspiration. There were many interesting designs that I looked through, but this design in particular stood out to me I think most in particular because of how type was so well incorporated into the design and even begins to transform into something more then just text on a page.

At first glance some design elements in this piece can be overlooked. Initially, a close up image of a zebra is recognizable. As the design is more closely examined, the whole design is composed of black type on a white background. This added element of design adds a lot to the overall piece as opposed to if this design was merely made up of solid black lines. The use of type as a design element gives this design nice rhythm throughout as the type creates lines that carries the eye throughout the entire design which in turn also unifies the design as a whole. Also, the choice to make the design more of a close-up of a zebra instead of the whole animal creates a visually interesting composition. The repetition of the word zebra helps to emphasis the fact the design is of a zebra which makes the design of the zebra that much stronger.

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