Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found this layout on the graphis.com website and it caught my eye because it is a good example of our current project. It is very clean and straightforward. The word reversible is emphasized by reversing the letters "e" in the layout. I think that the straightforwardness of the design helps to emphasize the meaning of reversible. I like the use of just the black type on the white background, but I would be interested in seeing if color was added if it would add to or take away from the design. The placement of type on the page works well. Although I think this design is very cohesive and works well, there are definitely some variations I would be curious to see if they work just as well. I would like to see if just reversing the whole word "reversible" if the design would still work or if that would make the design to busy. Also, I would like to see maybe if reversing the whole word "type" would work because of how there is only four letters in that word.

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